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Alhamdulillah. At last, I got my extra time sharing an interview's experience.

One week before the interview:
            Heading back to home and found an envelope from Yayasan Peneraju. My heart '' dud dap" countlessly opening the envelope and read deeply, an offer being one of the short list in this interview. ALHAMDULILLAH. Feeling of joy and grateful overwhelming me.

             Of course, they request a list of important document that should be bring during the interview.

Here are some info about yayasan peneraju

Before that. I would like to introduce about " Yayasan Peneraju". This authority more related to help development of student either school children or university student. To apply this scholarship, there are some features that you should have :

The moment of interview :

  As usual, having a ride with Aini, who got this interview too around 7 a.m. Our venue was at Hotel Promanede. We met many our schoolmates there such as Suzy, Abby, Ikhwan, Pote. This brought me preventing to show the awkwardness. They served a delicious breakfast, walalaaa. Then, going proceed to the registration part and I got number 849. In the big hall, the chairs were paired up with a long table everywhere and being arranged wisely. I sit beside a girl named Ros from Pitas and knowing each other well.

This programme were divided into 2 segment which are :

1. Assessment

There are 5 assessment that should be complete within one hour. Every assessment is given 3.5 or 4 minutes to finished. There are more related to our IQ potential and abilities. Containing 40 questions in each assessment. Obviously, I couldn't answer all questions given because running out of time. The most important tips that I can share is speed and accurate.

2. Interview

Basically, the interview was going well and smoothly. It was a personally interview. Mostly, it was held in English but it depended by the own interviewers. Usually, they ask about our background family and the course we apply for. So, I urge you all to do a further research about your course and also university. Make sure you know your planning A and B to get what you want in the future.

So, last but not least. This interview made me to boost up my confidence level and add my info about varieties course.


1. Never nervous during your interview's session

2. Smile towards the interviewers

3. Do further research about you preferred course and university

4.  Make sure you have complete all the documents that should bring to the interview.

That's all from me. Thanks.

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